This is me, Caroline Robinson. All Champagne Glass work is designed, made, fired and fused by me in my home studio. All Workshops are lead by me.

Glass Fusing is the process of joining glass together in a specialist kiln: Anyone can create unique & stunning works of glass art with just a small amount of instruction at one of my Workshops.

Until July 2023, I was running the Music Department at a leading International Boarding School. My hobby is now my livelihood and I am passionate about sharing the love of this lesser-known craft form. As well as creating beautiful pieces for sale, I run a very popular range of workshops out of my home in Warminster. In a half day workshop, you will learn how the creative process works and create two fused-glass pieces of your own. To start, you will create a hanging sun-catcher using a huge range of coloured glasses. After a brief break for cake and hot drinks, you will create a small draped dish. There are many pieces to copy if you don’t feel confident to design something yourself. After around a week, your work will be fired and ready to collect.

Please follow Champagne Glass Studio on Facebook & Instagram @champagneglassstudio, on Twitter/X @glass_champagne for updates and classes available

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